Back in Bukeka

My longing for this place is finally over. And oh how I've missed Bukeka and all my people here. Its a life changing place indeed.  If you let it.   These people are rich, I tell you. They have something we're missing and it just draws me to them. How do we become so complacent and miss out on the greatest things Jesus offers us?   And if I'm honest with myself I really believe the biggest reason I'm here it to really learn how to be a Christian. To be set in my place. To honestly believe in the power of prayer.  And my prayer is that I can pass this on. The moments God reveals to me. 
 Seeing my dear friends and the children nearly made my heart burst with happiness. The sights, smells, orange roads, calls of mzungu, I thought I couldn't smile any bigger.

 Bukeka is a large village about a 1 1/2 hour drive from the capital city, Kampala and about a 30 min drive from Jinja an other large town in Uganda where the mouth of the Nile is located. Bukeka is about 73% Mus…

Week 1 | Uganda

Good morning from Uganda! It has been a week since the start of this new adventure. But I arrived on the Ugandan soil late Tuesday night. It has been a week of adjustments and new adventures. This past week I have been staying with Ronnie & Ritah Nalera and their sweet family. They are the founders and directors of Global Hands of Hope. We will be heading out to Bukeka where GHoH is located in a few hours. There is a guest house just a short distance from the compound and that is where I will be living. To say I'm excited to be finally heading out there would be an understatement.

Heading out! So thankful these 2 wonderful people have joined me for a while, it will be sad to see them go Thursday morning. It is always nice to have someone to travel with.   The equator is not far from Kampala. So we decided to go check it out. But everything depends on traffic around here if you can get somewhere quicker than other times.     I guess I had forgot exactly what happens at the equa…

Are you all prepared?

Are you all prepared? Are you ready to go?  These have been the most frequently asked questions to me recently. It's hard to believe that, the Good Lord willing, I will be back on Ugandan soil in just over a month. It's approaching quickly and most the time I just wish I were there already.  But this time of "waiting" for the departure date has good for my soul. And the more times I am asked those questions the more it has made me really examine and ask them of myself.  Am I prepared?  What else do I need to be doing?  Am I ready to tackle the next 7 months?  I like to think I am. But if we're being honest here, my answer to these questions is no.  Big flat-out NO. It sounds strange maybe to say this when you'll be spending the next 7 months in another country apart from family, friends, and church family, and you say you're not ready to go. My challenge to these questions is; will we ever be prepared for big things?  Are we able to be 100% prepared to be…


If you would have told me 2 years ago what I'm about to write would happen to me, I probably would have thought it sounded like a dream, that it couldn't be me, and you were talking about another person. Things like this just don't cross our minds every day and I thought you kind of had to be this cookie cutter person to be used for purposes such as this.  
Turns out, God does have a special cookie cutter for me. As He does for all people who call on His Name. 
Perhaps though, I'm not fully cut yet. Right now He's still making the dough, adding a little this and a little that. Stirring everything around, mixing all the hard and soft together so it come out just the way He wants it. Its all about the process. 
Oh the things I've have learned and continue to learn in this process. And I praise Him because I'm not finished yet. The things I have learned on this journey I pray can be an encouragement to those who read, but mostly I'm writing this to remind…

Always on a mission trip?

Upon returning home from yet another wonderful mission trip to the Dominican Republic and recent conversations pertaining to mission trips and the like, I have been pondering several things.

1) What really is a mission trip and what do they look like?
2) Do I/we forget that we are always on a "mission trip"?
3) How can we maintain the feelings that we have while being on the mission field in another place, country, or with other people groups and then stay in that mode at home, work, and wherever we are?
4) why is the transition coming back home so hard?

I don't know why, but its been so good for me to sort through and examine myself with these questions. To pretty much rethink and retrain my motives and think about why we do things the way we do. 
The idea of transitioning into coming back home has had me really thinking. Probably because that's exactly what I'm trying to cope with just coming back home only a few days ago. And through this "transition&quo…


No one prepared me for all the emotions, thoughts, and feelings, that coursed through my heart, mind, soul, and struck cords deep inside my inner being, for the 2 weeks I spent on the Ugandan soil.
No one told me 
that sponsoring a child half way across the world would change your life forever,

or that meeting a precious 7 year old girl for the first time who calls you mum would leave you at a loss for words,  or how the mighty power of the Nile river could leave you in awe for hours on end,

or  that walking the red dirt would for miles would make you feel so at home,

or  how the children's smiles went straight to your heart,

or that seeing majestic African animals made you feel so small,

or  that the village of Bukeka was home to some of the most beautiful humble people I've ever met,

or  that worshipping and dancing with other believers would make tears stream down your face, or that pumping water from a well for a 4 year old child could bring you so much joy,

or  that meet…

Above all else

"God calling youmeans He has chosen you above anyone else."  What  a wonder! What a purpose! What a gift! Whatever we are doing or going through God has chosen you and me to go through this to fulfill His incredible plan!

How am I fulfilling His plan? What does it look like in my life to use the gifts and talents this Great and Holy God has given me?
Are we scared, because we think we know what's going to happen? Rubbing our palms together with a smirky grin, thinking we are some great person with some sort of power? Do we recognize our situation and gifts, but fail put them to use? Or, are we giving it everything we've got doing radical things for God's glory?

Every so often I get so many thoughts bottled up inside me from conversations, sermons, books, podcast, conferences, etc. and I'll either journal it down, talk about it, or sometimes I get a feeling that "I have a blogpost coming on", and blog about it.  Except when "I have a blogpost c…