Friday, October 30, 2015

Help me Find it

Perhaps we're missing it...?
The point. The big picture. The Door. The Answer. The Opportunity. The Hope.
We aren't as smart, big, and think we know it all, as we think we sometimes are.
We can't do anything {worth lasting value} on our own.
What is the point?....The big picture?..........The Hope?
Do we know? Do we want to know? How do we find it?
< God, help me find it >
Maybe we should start with Hope first. Because if we have No Hope -- > we will want to Know Hope.
Until we realize we have No Hope in this World we are not Free.
But wait, there's Beauty here. When we come to that point we realize we have No Hope, we start searching for  Hope. For a Greater purpose. For God. More of Him. A Greater eternal life to come.
And then we when we have Hope, we see the point. We still might not see the Big picture, but do we care now? If we have that Sure and Stead Fast Hope do we care?
And perhaps its better we can't and don't know the Big picture...?
Because then we want to Rush ahead and try to move things along and then we Mess it up.
I've been studying Christ Pattern a little bit in the Gospel of John.
It blows my mind, really.
The servant. The teacher. The Humility. The Willingness. The Perfectness.
I often wish I was/could be more like Jesus. But then I realize that if I want to be more like Him, I'm going to have to spend more time with Him. I mean how can you be like some one if your new with them, never spending time with them.
Jesus' ministry could be summed up in four words. I Must. I Delight.
Is that my motivation? I must and I delight?
I must be about my Fathers business, because I delight to do Your will, O God.
It should be.

Can you imagine living so 'In tune' with God? 
So that God was always just speaking for you.
The trust to know how much He loves us and will show us what to do and how to do it.
Yes, there are times that I know the Spirit is speaking for us and God uses us in mighty ways, but All the Time!
Wow. What an example Christ leaves for us.

"The most important thing about a person is what comes to his mind when he thinks about God" ~ A.W. Tozer
We could also say the most important thing we communicate to the world around us is what we think of God.
Do people see that Hope we have? That light in our eyes? The rejoicing that we are Saved?
What do people get from having a conversation with me? What kind of God are they beholding as they watch me?
How am I promoting/proclaiming this God/Man/Spirit living inside me?
If it is a fake put on show, I feel people will see right through and probably wonder about me.
Or do they see the Love and the Awesomeness of God portrayed in my life and desire to know about this Heavenly Being?
And will we help them find it?
Have I found it? Have you found it? Are we letting God/others help us find it?

Just more of my random jumbled up musings and thoughts that I write out, wondering if they make sense and if I'm getting anywhere or if I'm just a slow learner.
Until then, lets continue pursuing this Most Awesome walk with our Great God!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Greetings from.....Oh wait...I'm still here in Kansas and still alive. Doing what I love. Working with and milking cows and more cows, anticipating the upcoming Kansas State Fair and the World Dairy Expo! And attempting to teach the kiddos again. Which has been going much more smoothly than last year. Even tho yes, I'd much rather be outside, it has been a great experience for me and I think I'm learning more than the kids. :) When God says 'He won't give us more than we can't handle' is very true. Because I really don't know how I've made it a year and now starting an other year helping the kids with school. Don't get me wrong, I just love spending time with my siblings and I love them to the moon and back, but teaching just isn't my thing. Thus it is a tremendous experience for me and teaching me so many things! God has a crazy way putting us through things to learn crazy amazing things!

I recently was at Ignite, a Church function in Illinois with around 400 people from 16 different states, worshiping 1 Great God! I can't even begin to explain how much of an amazing weekend it was or how many things God taught me, or how beautiful the singing was, or how many things I learned. But one of the things that stuck me was Saturday evening after the speaker and time of worship we were all sent out around the camp and instructed to take a candle with us as we went out to each have a time alone in prayer and talking to God. And I had to think as I was walking away with my candle in my hand searching for a quite place to sit, this is probably somewhat how God is looking at me. Holding me in the palm of His hand shielding me with His other hand so my some flame does't go out as I walk against the wind. And I have to believe that's what He's doing with me. I have this burning flame inside of me that He put there when I asked Him to enter my heart when I surrendered my life to Him, and when I am wandering around in this life going through wind and storms, He's there shielding me and protecting me so I don't lose hope!
It also leaves me in awe of how so many people gather together and we all don't know each other but we know we have the same beliefs and we can have a heart to heart talk minuets after meeting another.  And worshiping and praising God with such passion and humbleness that you get the shivers and tears in your eyes. Such an overwhelming feeling, and its amazing. How I wish everyone could experience the unspeakable gift, if only they give it up and let God take control.

In other news, its hard to believe its already September, corn silage is chopped, school has started, and fall is gonna be here before we know it! I find it funny, how we always talk about how fast the year is going, the days getting short/longer, the time change, and we or at least I have a conversation with someone about this fairly often. And yet it happens every year! Over and over again the same things happen! But then we can be or should be so very grateful that there's one thing that doesn't change and that's the Almighty. He has been, is and will always be the same! And He always makes a way for us when we think we are never going to have enough 'summer break' to get all we want to get done.

I love it when this girly asks if she can ride with me! 

And this is what we do for work around here...stare at our beautiful bovines:) lol

The past few mornings have been beautiful foggy crisp 'fallish' mornings! 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Put out the fire!

Put out the fire!! I've been thinking about this song lately. We don't need fire anymore, Christ put it out for ever when He paid the ultimate sacrifice when He shed His blood on the Cross for you and me!
 Good Friday service at our church was incredible! Christ drank the cup of God wrath for all mankind from beginning to end of time! And I know for just myself that was a huge amount of pain He must have had to go through! Because I deserved death for my sin! Christ prayed so hard that there maybe could have been an other way to deal with our sin, He knew what was coming, the pain, the emptiness, being forsaken. ALL FOR YOU AND ME!! So what in my cup? Christ had God's wrath for my sin. Shouldn't my cup be surly overflowing with Thankfulness, Joy, Awe, Praise, Love, Humility...ect?!
 Being called a Follower of Christ or describing ourselves as Christians is huge!! After what all Christ went through for us was no small thing! When we turn from sin and follow Christ- That's a very high standing!!

 A few days ago I had the incredible experience to go with a group form church to a prison a couple hours away for a night or worship and singing. It was my first time to go, and I don't really know what I thought it would be like, but I was completely blown away. Blown away how so many men are so eager to sing and praise God. How God and take such hard men and turn them into something into the complete opposite. How thankful all those men where that we had come to worship with them and talk with them and that we really care about them! I was brought to tears many times that night, just awed by God and his Faithfulness! He is still at work!

For some reason I don't have a picture of mom and dad together that I can find so i'll use separate ones:) But we celebrated their 21st anniversary Friday! They are so amazing fabulous parents and I thank God for them everyday! I've learned so much from them, and am honored to call them my daddy and mommy and my best friends! Their hearts for God are amazing and they are so on fire! And I think it's safe to say that I want to be just like them when I grow up! Ok, they do have their quirks and can act younger than I at times, but hey i'll take it! :) I love you so much!
And this brother of mine, he turned 17 Friday as well! He's getting so big! {sniff sniff} He's on fire for Christ, and I can't wait to see how God uses him in the future! Love ya Benton!

I've been jus loving these spring days, and have pretty much been spending every minute I get outside! Its oh so hard to stay in, in the morning to help the kiddoes with school when they want to be outside and so do I! Seeing the garden pop up and having the mower started up and the flowers blooming, I think spring is here to stay! :)

Hope every one has a blessed Easter season, but not to forget what Christ did for us every single day!!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

{These days}

I just can't seem to get enough of them... Its amazing how such little things can keep a person going! But then sometimes little things turn into big things, and it's incredible to see how God works! I've been learning a lot about the nature of God lately through a Bible study I'm doing... And every time I begin to learn something new about Him is just keep a going and going!! Its like awesome! He is so infinite and cannot be fully comprehended, measured, or limited! At least by me anyway! And He can do whatever He wants, whenever He wants to and we don't EVER need to fear that it won't be good!! He will do above and beyond our greatest expectations! How awesome to serve a God like that!? Knowing Him is life! And we can never over exaggerat Him or what He can do! One of the many things I've learned while going through is study is, is that the Bible is not about me its about God and what He has done and will do. So many times I open the Bible and ask God that He will show me something about me, something to help me get through the day, something that I need. Instead I should be asking Him every time I open the Bible to show me something more about Him and His power! And through Him we can see who we really are! After all its His book not mine! Anyways I'll stop now, but I would definitely recommend this bible study to anyone! Its called 'Behold your God' by John Snyder. 
The sunrises the past couple of mornings....most the time I just stop choring and watch the new day unfurl! It's magnificent, and pictures just don't quite to justice!

Break time from school and making a snack with these kiddos! :) 

This cutie just makes me smile...always wanting to follow me around outside and 'help', but I guess she found the playing the phone was more fun today!

Ahh yes, and let's not forget Jody's bachelorette party. Spent the evening pretty much eating and laughing and embarrassing Jody! Haha. I've probably said it before but my life wouldn't be the same if these amazing girls weren't apart of it. Not every girl has 5 cousin's around the same age who are also your best friends! Yes we are most the time crazy and weird, and are rarely ever normal. But we make the memories like its going out of style! But that can all be explained within the next 2 pictures.....;)

My grandma Edelman (far right) had her 75th birthday on Sunday. So we got together with her sisters that could make it, and my mom and aunt's! I don't know if grandma remembers it, but it will be a day I won't likely forget any time soon. I don't think I've ever heard so many ladies talking and laughing at once! Swaping stories from the past and present made for an eventful morning! So yes, us cousin's get it honestly. Don't ever question us, ask our great aunts and aunts! Haha. These people are pretty much my life and I love every minute I get to spend with them! Its like there's not even a 50 year age gap!
 And this wonderful man taught me the ropes of IV'ing. He's taught me so much around the farm and most of all he's taught me so much spiritually! 
  And yes...the cow is back to her normal self now:) 
  And a sunset to close the post, that I had to climb up the grain bin to capture. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Oh hi....

...I have a blog?!? I almost forgot! :) I will say, lots has happen since posted last. But now that the holidays are over, Marcus and Amanda's wedding is over, and sadly my Dominican republic trip is over, maybe I can slow down a bit and chance up on things and start making time to shave my legs again. (Ok maybe I'm not that busy, but I'm busier than I should be;)) But God in His almighty ways makes a way for everything and His faithfulness never ceases to amaze me. It seems every time I think I get to know God really well and He shows His mighty works the more less I really know about Him! And that's the awesome part about it! There's always something more and new for me to know about Him! And it just makes me want to pursue Him further! And that's exactly what God deserves! He wants us all in, and giving Him all the glory!

My week gone to the DR was definitely the most eventful and memorable trip.:) It's always an incredible experience going down there...I leave more of my heart there every time! Made so many new friends and so many wonderful memories and I feel so incredibly blessed! Its hard to pack into detail all the amazingness of the trip and I could go on and on about it and my love for the country and people, but I will probably bore y'all, so I'll refrain! ;)

And then I come home from DR and have not many days to prepare myself for the wedding. But it all went smoothly, got my dress, and my speech types out, and my emotions intact. All n all it was an amazing weekend and they had a beautiful wedding! And yes, I managed not to trip down the isle! ;) it's hard to believe my little sis is married, but at least she's just 12 miles up the road. And God knows exactly what He's doing, and even if I ever get married I'm glad she did it before me;)

Anyway that's all for now,
Until next time, Leigha:)

Friday, December 19, 2014

This and That and things in between

Goodmorning blog world! :)
I'm pretty sure Kansas has the best sunrises around! Sometimes I just like to sit and soak up the new mornings sunrise, and new mercies God gives me so undeservingly! Its hard to imagine a God who knows us all by name, gives us each a brand new start each day, to give us a new beginning, so long as we try and trust Him! And the only reason we are still here is because He has a purpose for us! And its going to be wonderful and so worth it!

 Amanda had another shower this past Saturday. It twas filled with the best people and family around, good food, and SO many laughs! :)

                                                                  * Sista's for eve'ah* :)
                                                    ::Cousins, Best friends, Bridesmaids::
Amanda with mom and the aunts:)
What a crazy bunch! lol

Went out to eat with these gems! At Huhot of course!  I mean why not drive an hour every week to go out to eat! haha
My Wonderful, beautiful, amazing, Mom had her birthday on Monday!
So thankful I can call her my mom and best friend! She is the most amazing woman in my life and has taught me so much and I love her beyond words!

We finally had some snow yesterday morning, it came down perfectly and was beautiful! We got probably about 4-5 inches

 And this new lil calf was born that snowy night, it was just to cute with the calf curled up by his momma that I just had to take a picture!:)

So for a 'field trip' we went sledding. haha:) The boys made a homemade sled from a cow mat and its actually really fun! And there ain't no one stopping my from having fun with my sibs:)

                                                  Sledding...but first let me take a selfie ;)
Benton and Larae

Jenna and I

Jenna, Rae's, and Brandon

Dillon, Benton, Brandon, Jenna
It was a great day of sledding! I was just wondering why in the world my neck was so sore..thinking I had just slept wrong or something, ahh but no, I'm sure it was from being whorled around in circles and then flung in to the ditch where we came rolling and crumbling into a heap! ha. Oh the for the fun! :)

And I really could not help posting these adorable pics of Raezo. Last night before bed she come down and cracks my door open and asks me if she could tell me some stories. It was SOOO cute I could have cried! So she climbs up on the bed with me and begins her stories. She told of the 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf, Goldilocks and the bears, Willy the whale, and a bunch of her other ramblings. So if you ever need a bedtime story, be sure to let her know, she has them down to a 'T' and really gets into them. Such as the huffing and puffing and knocking on the door.
This little girl (along with all of my other sibs:)) hold such a dear spot in my heart..I could not bear to live without them. Yes we have our moments, but God knew we all needing to be a family and I am so thankful!