Always on a mission trip?

Upon returning home from yet another wonderful mission trip to the Dominican Republic and recent conversations pertaining to mission trips and the like, I have been pondering several things.

1) What really is a mission trip and what do they look like?
2) Do I/we forget that we are always on a "mission trip"?
3) How can we maintain the feelings that we have while being on the mission field in another place, country, or with other people groups and then stay in that mode at home, work, and wherever we are?
4) why is the transition coming back home so hard?

I don't know why, but its been so good for me to sort through and examine myself with these questions. To pretty much rethink and retrain my motives and think about why we do things the way we do. 
The idea of transitioning into coming back home has had me really thinking. Probably because that's exactly what I'm trying to cope with just coming back home only a few days ago. And through this "transition&quo…


No one prepared me for all the emotions, thoughts, and feelings, that coursed through my heart, mind, soul, and struck cords deep inside my inner being, for the 2 weeks I spent on the Ugandan soil.
No one told me 
that sponsoring a child half way across the world would change your life forever,

or that meeting a precious 7 year old girl for the first time who calls you mum would leave you at a loss for words,  or how the mighty power of the Nile river could leave you in awe for hours on end,

or  that walking the red dirt would for miles would make you feel so at home,

or  how the children's smiles went straight to your heart,

or that seeing majestic African animals made you feel so small,

or  that the village of Bukeka was home to some of the most beautiful humble people I've ever met,

or  that worshipping and dancing with other believers would make tears stream down your face, or that pumping water from a well for a 4 year old child could bring you so much joy,

or  that meet…

Above all else

"God calling youmeans He has chosen you above anyone else."  What  a wonder! What a purpose! What a gift! Whatever we are doing or going through God has chosen you and me to go through this to fulfill His incredible plan!

How am I fulfilling His plan? What does it look like in my life to use the gifts and talents this Great and Holy God has given me?
Are we scared, because we think we know what's going to happen? Rubbing our palms together with a smirky grin, thinking we are some great person with some sort of power? Do we recognize our situation and gifts, but fail put them to use? Or, are we giving it everything we've got doing radical things for God's glory?

Every so often I get so many thoughts bottled up inside me from conversations, sermons, books, podcast, conferences, etc. and I'll either journal it down, talk about it, or sometimes I get a feeling that "I have a blogpost coming on", and blog about it.  Except when "I have a blogpost c…

Love Remains / Mothers day post

It's there, deep inside our hearts, all of us have it. These things going around in our minds, trying to figure out how to express them, show them, or let others feel them. How do we in human fashion communicate our gratitude and emotions to each other? 
It's been a little more real to our family and extended family as we watch Grandma and her battle with Dementia. I'm not sure actually if it is a battle, it's just there, taking the life away from her. And by life I mean, the ability to speak, write, cook, dress, and pretty much every other common daily task.

She senses it too, inside her, and that is what's hardest, to see her not able to do the things she's able or communicate what she knows in her but can't get it passed her lips. And the emotion that comes with it as she sets on the couch with tears spilling down her face, kleenex in hand, fully knowing she can't do these things anymore. Or the aggravation that arises in her when she knows she needs s…

Help me Find it

Perhaps we're missing it...? The point. The big picture. The Door. The Answer. The Opportunity. The Hope. We aren't as smart, big, and think we know it all, as we think we sometimes are. We can't do anything {worth lasting value} on our own. What is the point?....The big picture?..........The Hope? Do we know? Do we want to know? How do we find it? < God, help me find it > Maybe we should start with Hope first. Because if we have No Hope -- > we will want to Know Hope. Until we realize we have No Hope in this World we are not Free. But wait, there's Beauty here. When we come to that point we realize we have No Hope, we start searching for  Hope. For a Greater purpose. For God. More of Him. A Greater eternal life to come. And then we when we have Hope, we see the point. We still might not see the Big picture, but do we care now? If we have that Sure and Stead Fast Hope do we care? And perhaps its better we can't and don't know the Big picture...? …


Greetings from.....Oh wait...I'm still here in Kansas and still alive. Doing what I love. Working with and milking cows and more cows, anticipating the upcoming Kansas State Fair and the World Dairy Expo! And attempting to teach the kiddos again. Which has been going much more smoothly than last year. Even tho yes, I'd much rather be outside, it has been a great experience for me and I think I'm learning more than the kids. :) When God says 'He won't give us more than we can't handle' is very true. Because I really don't know how I've made it a year and now starting an other year helping the kids with school. Don't get me wrong, I just love spending time with my siblings and I love them to the moon and back, but teaching just isn't my thing. Thus it is a tremendous experience for me and teaching me so many things! God has a crazy way putting us through things to learn crazy amazing things!

I recently was at Ignite, a Church function in Illin…

Put out the fire!

Put out the fire!! I've been thinking about this song lately. We don't need fire anymore, Christ put it out for ever when He paid the ultimate sacrifice when He shed His blood on the Cross for you and me!  Good Friday service at our church was incredible! Christ drank the cup of God wrath for all mankind from beginning to end of time! And I know for just myself that was a huge amount of pain He must have had to go through! Because I deserved death for my sin! Christ prayed so hard that there maybe could have been an other way to deal with our sin, He knew what was coming, the pain, the emptiness, being forsaken. ALL FOR YOU AND ME!! So what in my cup? Christ had God's wrath for my sin. Shouldn't my cup be surly overflowing with Thankfulness, Joy, Awe, Praise, Love, Humility...ect?!
 Being called a Follower of Christ or describing ourselves as Christians is huge!! After what all Christ went through for us was no small thing! When we turn from sin and follow Christ- Th…